Conducting Needs Assessments & Evaluations +

In the links below, I am including the final projects that I did for both "Needs Assessments" and "Formative and Summative Evaluation." The documents demonstrate my ability to analyze situations before rushing into design and development. Rigorous analysis of the situation allows you to determine what, if any, learning systems will be most effective.

Designing Learning Environments+

I typically do not insist on clear differentiation between design and development. I've worked in environments where designers and developers are completely different roles, and the people in those role rarely interact. I prefer to work in a more agile environment where the development is at the core of the design process. Great ideas must be put into practice in order to determine if they're actually going to work. The projects linked to below are high fidelity prototypes that I designed to allow stakeholders and decision makers to try out the program before committing resources to fully develop them.

Developing Learning System Applications Or Components+

Developing websites, courses, and interactions is the most personally fulfilling and meaningful aspect of being an instructional designer. It should be obvious that thorough analysis, careful design, and objective evaluation are equally critical. These are the activities that you have to do so that you earn the privilege of development.

Systematic Evaluation+

The documents in this section of my portfolio are submitted to demonstrate my ability to follow established methodologies in my evaluation of learning systems. Unlike the earlier evaluations, these reports are focused on the user experience of completed projects rather than evaluations of attempts to address ongoing issues and concerns. While the former focused on investigation, the documents in this section apply established heuristics to fully developed systems.