Blended Learning Solutions

Depending on the content of the material and the audience that this content is directed to, eLearning is not always the most effective way to deliver training. The following files are part of a Board of Director's learning module that I designed for compliance training. The guiding principal behind this project is that Directors come to Board meetings prepared ahead of time in order to make efficient use of the time that is set aside for training. Ideally, the actual training session should last no more than 20 minutes.

cover of the workbook

Participant Workbook

A participant workbook is distributed several weeks before the training event. Directors are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the information in the manual and bringing it with them to the training event, most likely scheduled during a regular meeting of the Board of Directors. The workbook contains and executive summary for experienced Directors to quickly refresh their memories followed by more detailed information for less experienced directors. It also contains space for the Director to take notes during the training and an exhaustive glossary. Facilitators are provided with *.DOCX versions of the training materials to allow for customization of the training materials. The workbook is distributed to Directors as a *.PDF that can printed or read on any device.

cover of the facilitator's guide

Facilitator's Guide

During the training session, the facilitator uses a minimalist presentation and discusses the importance of the various issues relevant to the topic. After all of the training sessions are completed, Directors log in to the LMS and take a Comprehension Test. This approach puts the responsibility on the learner to come to the session prepared for the quick overview provided by the facilitator. The training session itself is an opportunity for Directors to ask questions about the material in order to clear up any confusion they might have.