Who I Am

I am an instructional designer with a focus on adult eLearning methodologies. I am currently pursuing my second Master's degree in Learning Systems Design and Development. Most recently, I have designed regulatory compliance software for financial institutions working with companies such as BAI, ej4, and Edward Jones. I have also taught undergraduate English and Film courses at Washington University in St. Louis, Lindenwood University, and St. Louis Community College, both online and in the brick-and-mortar classroom.

What I Do

When people ask me what I do, and I tell them "I'm an Instructional Designer," most respond with a puzzled look. When interviewing for a job, I respond with what's on my LinkedIn profile: "I empower people to enrich their lives by breaking complex ideas apart and organizing them into manageable chunks of useful information. I do this by developing interactive instructional design that embraces innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology."

Successful instructional design does not simply involve uploading documents to an LMS and then waiting for users to read them and complete a comprehension test with a passing score. Successful instructional design requires that content engage the learner in the subject matter so that the learner can acquire and retain the information or skill that he or she needs to know. In instructor-led training, such as traditional teaching, this often takes the form of posing open-ended discussion questions and guiding the class response. But in an asynchronous online course, learners must see the relevance of the course immediately. They need to know why they are taking the time to take this course when there are many other things that they could be doing. By working with subject matter experts to develop measurable course objectives and simulations that accurately assess whether those objectives were met, instructional designers enhance the learning experience and are responsible for developing courseware that meets these objectives.

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